Concern over speed of traffic on Southway -Campbell

Sinn Féin Creggan Councillor Kevin Campbell has appealed to drivers to slow down on  the road that leads from Iniscarn Road down onto SouthWay.

He made his appeal after a number of local residents complained about the speed of cars on the road and dangers this presented in particular for young children crossing the road.

Councillor Campbell said “With the bright nights a lot of children are out and about later playing on the street and going between the green spaces in the area and play parks.

I was contacted by a number of concerns residents to say that cars were traveling far too fast through the area, particularly at the top of Southway at its junction with Iniscarn Road.

I would urged motorists to slow down whilst travelling through this area and I will be contacting Transport NI to see if there is any measures that can be put in place to either reduce or advise of the speed limit in the area.