1916-2016 Centenary Commemoration calendar of events Derry launch

Coiste Doire 1916-2016 Chairperson Barney O Hagan announcing the launch of the Calendar of events for the year said:

“Republicans across Ireland will, in a series of events throughout 2016 commemorate and celebrate the courage and vision of those who planned, led and participated in the Easter Rising 100 years ago. Here in Derry I believe that we have put together an ambitious, informative and entertaining calendar of events that everyone can enjoy.1915451_874943295946624_9007525428970061258_n

Where: Whittaker Suite, Guildhall

Hosted by:  Mayor, Cllr Elisha McCallion

When: Wednesday 20th January

Time: 1 pm

Speakers: Bartle D’Arcy, National Commemorations co-ordinator

Raymond McCartney MLA, Sinn Féin Féin