40th Anniversary commemoration IRA Volunteer Dennis Heaney

At lunchtime on  Sunday  a commemoration will take place in Shantallow to remember the 40th Anniversary of the death of IRA Volunteer Dennis Heaney  

On the 10th June 1978 Dennis was shot dead by British undercover forces at the junction of Harvey Street and Chamberlain Street in the Bogside area.

Councillor Sandra Duffy said

“These commemorations are very important indeed .We will be gathering to remember with dignity and pride the memory of Dennis and stand in solidarity with his family and friends.

“The commemoration will take place at midday (12.00pm) on Sunday 10th June at the Shantallow Republican Monument.

“The Heaney family will also be hosting a number of events as follows: at 2.15 pm  Harvey Street there will be a minute’s silence and  3.00 pm at the Republican Monument in the City Cemetery there will be a short service.

“We would encourage everyone to attend all events.