Academy Road parking problems for resident

Sinn Féin representative Hayleigh Fleming has said that the ongoing parking situation on Academy Road  is ‘intolerable for local residents.

M.s Fleming is in the process of organising a number of meetings including meeting Transport NI (Road Service)the PSNI and local colleges to resolve the issue.

Hayleigh Fleming said “Students and those who work in the city centre are coming in and parking their cars on walkways and blocking the street from 8am -6pm in the evening.

“These cars are blocking driver’s line of sight when they are merging out onto the road and is potentially hazardous.

“Residents cannot get parked outside their own homes and are even finding it difficult to get up and down Academy Road. Pedestrians pushing a pram or those in wheel chairs would have difficulty   getting  down the road due to the cars obstructing the pavements. It is really intolerable for any resident having to go through this day after day.