Additional street lighting needs to be installed at Central Drive -Campbell

Sinn Féin Councillor Kevin Campbell has called for additional street lighting to be installed in the Central Drive area as part of new plans for housing in the area.

Councillor Kevin Campbell

Councillor Campbell said “A new housing development right in the heart of Creggan was recently approved by the council. It will consist of a row of six, three-storey social houses constructed between what is now the new Bishops Bar and the shops along Central Drive.

I believe it is now an ideal opportunity to design in a new street lighting system for this street and a number of laneways that run off it.

It is a very busy place at the best of times but at night-time people are concerned about using some of the laneways due to bad lighting.

I have been in contact with Transport NI and Apex to see if we can come up with a workable solution to resolve the lighting here  to make it safer for local residents and users of local businesses and community facilities.