All-Ireland Media Conference in Derry -Cooper‏

Sinn Féin councillor Mickey Cooper has welcomed confirmation from the Department  of Culture, Arts and Leisure that they will be hosting an All-Ireland Media Conference in the city this  week. He said the decision to host it in Derry was further demonstration of Derry’s growing reputation as a creative industries city:


“ I am delighted that DCAL Minister Caral Ni Chulain has decided to host the event in Derry which will attract delegates from across Ireland. The event will highlight the growth areas within the Creative Industries sector, promote the companies working in the sector in Derry and signpost local businesses towards opportunities to collaborate with larger creative industry companies from other parts of Ireland and beyond.


As a follow up to the conference I have also discussed a proposal with the department to host a jobs fair to signpost STEM graduates from Magee and the NWRC  and those other residents with IT skills  towards job opportunities in the sector.


The minister will also be making specific reference to her departments attempts to further develop creative industry skills and job opportunities especially in community areas.


At present the department is working with myself and others to deliver cultural hubs in community areas which will include IT facilities which can be used to train both young and old residents in creative industry subjects.


My discussions with the department and Derry2020 have also now resulted in the development of new IT courses with the first sessions already almost fully subscribed. In addition the Creative Industries section of the dept has funded a new film about the Creggan estate which is currently being prepared for launch.


All of these activities are aimed at widening access to skills development and job opportunities in the creative industries sector to residents from across the city which the minister will reaffirm during her speech on the 14th at the Millennium Forum”