Anderson condemns Israeli bombing of Gaza

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson has condemned the latest Israeli bombing of Gaza and called for international action to support the people of Palestine. 

Martina Anderson said:gaza-bomb 
“This latest Israeli bombing of densely populated areas of Gaza is reckless and must be condemned. 
“The people of Gaza have had to endure years of oppression, recently they had their electricity supply cut by Israel to under four hours per day.
“The situation is dire, hospitals, schools and other vital services are on the verge of collapse. People are trying their best to live normal lives in the most abnormal of contexts.
“If action is not taken soon, the already unimaginable suffering will get worse.
“There is support all over the world for ending this injustice and achieving a two state solution, what we need now is for that support to turn into action.” Ends/Críoch