Anderson praises crew who saved 2,500 lives in Mediterranean

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson has praised the work of the crew of the Irish naval vessel, LÉ James Joyce, who saved the lives of almost 2,500 refugees in the Mediterranean.

Ms Anderson said; CjJeeajXEAEt8TX

“On a daily basis people are risking their lives attempting to cross the Mediterranean fleeing conflict and persecution.

“Unfortunately many of them lose their lives and we may never know the true scale of the loss of life in the Mediterranean.

“The crew of the Irish naval vessel LÉ James Joyce, which has just completed its deployment in the Mediterranean, have saved almost 2,500 lives and should be commended for that.

“That highlights the scale of the problem and shows the need for the international community, and the EU in particular, to take action to save more lives in the Mediterranean.”