Anderson tells Bradley ‘Tory position on border poll untenable’

At the Balmoral Show today Martina Anderson MEP challenged the British Secretary of State Karen Bradley on a border poll, Brexit and the need to release legacy funding.

Martina Anderson MEP said:

martina anderson

“The Tory position on a border poll is untenable. Comments attributed to Theresa May that she believes her government would lose a referendum on Irish reunification are an admission the threshold to hold such a vote has now been met.

“The toxic deal between the Tories and the DUP for selfish party political interests is at odds with the rigorous impartiality required of them under the Good Friday Agreement and the British government is facilitating the DUP’s denial of rights and their refusal to restore the political institutions.

“I also took the opportunity to raise the issue of Brexit and the fact that the British government are deliberately ignoring the democratic wishes of the people here who voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU. They are working against the interests of the people of this island.

“The Balmoral Show is a showcase for farming and agriculture, these industries are going to be the hardest hit by Brexit.

“We need designated special status for the north to remain part of the Single Market and Customs Union in order to protect the rights and interests of all citizens in Ireland.

“I also told her that the comments last week by Theresa May and Karen Bradley in the British Commons were misleading and shameful and display contempt for victims.

“The British government should move immediately to release the funding requested by the Lord Chief Justice to hold coroner’s courts.”