Anderson welcomes completion of North West transport hub.

Martina Anderson is commenting following the completion of the North West transport hub.

The Foyle MLA stated:

“I’m delighted to hear of the completion of the North West Transport hub, which started when Chris Hazard gave the go ahead for the scheme back in 2016.

“The hub will be a fantastic addition to the public transport network in Derry.

“We need to address the infrastructure deficit in the north west to help enhance the connectivity of the region, and drive sustainable travel.

“The hub also includes an Active travel centre and a greenway linking to Foyle Street Bus Station and the city centre through the Peace Bridge , which should help promote walking and cycling as well as bus and rail.

“What needs to follow is the upgrade of the rail, the improvement of journey times and frequency of services, in order to increase passenger growth to provide a rail service fit for the people of Derry”.