Anderson Welcomes Ebrington Funding commitment

Speaking today after questioning officials from the Executive Office during a meeting of the committee of the Executive Office, Anderson said;

“Today I questioned senior Executive officials on funding commitments of around £7 million for the development of the Ebrington site.

“I welcome their response that there is no threat to the availability of funding, and that some capital money has already been allocated in order to complete works on the site.

“This funding is being used in order to renovate buildings so that they can be leased out to new tenants.

“I also received welcome confirmation that progress is being made right across the site and there is now either a license in place or an agreement for a license for all of the Ebrington buildings.

“Coming out of this pandemic, the Ebrington site will be an absolutely vital project in repairing and growing Derry’s economy and rejuvenating the Waterside.

“I will continue to work to ensure the opportunities of this site are fully realised for all the people of the city.”