Annual Derry Sinn Féin Christmas post dedicated to Constance Markievicz

Speaking at the launch of the annual Derry Sinn Féin Christmas post Councillor Sandra Duffy said

“It is very appropriate given that we are Celebrating 100 years of Women in Leadership that this year’s stamp should be dedicated to one of the iconic figures of the 1916 Uprising, Constance Markievicz.

“She was a revolutionary, a feminist, a socialist and an abstentionist Irish MP.

“The annual Sinn Féin post has been a feature of the Christmas period in Derry now for over thirty years and I would encourage people to make use of it. Christmas cards will be delivered to any part of Derry City for the minimal price of 20p.

“The Christmas Post is now operating. Cards can be left at the Sinn Féin Offices throughout the city.

“The last post is Wednesday 19th with a 1.00 pm cut off time.