Annual Derry Sinn Féin Christmas Post Launched

The annual Sinn Féin Christmas Post has been  launched in the city


Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly  said


“The annual Sinn Féin post has been a feature of the Christmas period in Derry now for over thirty years and I would encourage  people to make use of it.

This year the stamp will commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the assassination of Sinn Féin Vice President Marie Drumm, not only to remember a strong women but also to highlight the collusion and failure of the British Government to release files relating to the past.



The Christmas Post is now operating and cards will be delivered to any part of Derry City for the minimal price of 20p. Cards can be left at the Sinn Féin Office on the Racecourse Road Shantallow, at Ráth Mór office on the New Road and Spencer Road office.