Appeal after Fireworks let off in busy Central Drive – Campbell

Sinn Féin Councillor Kevin Campbell has appealed for parents in the Creggan area of Derry to be on the alert for children getting caught up in the use of fireworks in the area .He was speaking following complaints from residents about fireworks being used in the Central Drive area over the last few nights.

Councillor Kevin Campbell said

“I was contacted by residents concerned that fireworks were being set off in the vicinity of Central Drive in and around the shops and from lane ways in the same area .Fireworks have also been targeted at passing cars which could result in a serious road traffic accident or damage to vehicles.

“If one of these firework goes off in a child’s hand or hits someone in the vicinity it could unfortunately result in someone being maimed or seriously injured.

“The use of legally and illegally bought fireworks and bangers can make life a misery for many people across our city and it has to stop. Fireworks should only be used in a controlled zone under the supervision of adults.

“By all means enjoy the festivities at the likes of Halloween, but be safe and do not let what should be a bit of fun turn into a nightmare, the consequences of which could be scars or disfigurement, which last a life time.