Appeal following local workers having to work in freezing conditions

Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly has appealed to businesses in the retail and hospitality sector in the city to show consideration for workers who have to spend their working day at the entrance to their premises during the winter months.

 Councillor Kelly said  “It was brought to my attention in a conversations i had with  local workers who have to sit with  coats and fleeces on them all day it was that cold because they had to work at a  till right beside the door.

If you happen to go to many of the businesses in our city you will find a lot of workers in similar situations. They are working beside electric sliding or revolving doors and they are getting the full elements of cold weather  off and on all day. People don’t like complaining or don’t want any hassle at work so they just grin and bear it.

But they shouldn’t have to work in these conditions. It’s important that businesses ensure that they have adequate heating beside workers on the front line. The temperature of a work place should provide reasonable comfort without the need for special clothing.