Appeal to ease pressure on Postal workers during COVID19

Sinn Féin Foyle  MLA Martina Anderson has urged the public to prioritise their online shopping in order to reduce the growing pressure on the postal service. 

Martina Anderson said: “Postal workers and sorting offices are dealing with a huge increase in workload as more and people turn to online shopping as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

“I have been contacted by postal workers from across Derry who have deep concerns about the volume of post being processed, especially from online orders of largely nonessential items. 

“Our postal workers are designated  as a front line essential service, and we all need to realise that it’s somewhat unfair to expect them to operate as normal under the current circumstances.

“Therefore I would appeal to everyone across Derry and the north not to shop online “unnecessarily”. We need to prioritise essential items only so that we can protect our postal workers.

“When you add a new item to your online basket, stop and think – do I really need this now or can it wait until this crisis is over? 

“Together we can get through this and I would appeal to everyone to protect the postal service by prioritising what is essential and show our care for others by giving much needed consideration towards workers who we all value.And who are providing an essential service in the midst of the most difficult conditions.”