Appeal to stop Galliagh Fires-McCallion

Sinn Féin Councillor Elisha McCallion has made an urgent appeal for parents in Galliagh to ensure that their children are not getting caught up with groups of young people involved in staring fires in the area.


She was speaking after a spate of fires being started across Galliagh .



She said



“This is a very worrying development and always seems to happen once we get a couple of days of good weather and the brighter nights”



There were a number of deliberate fires started across the area on Tuesday night  by  small groups of young people  This is just sheer wanton act of vandalism.



I would like to commend the intervention of local community workers  preventing this getting out of hand.



The Fire Service and police had to be called out.

It is the support of the local community that is vital in putting the message out that these fires only have a detrimental effect on areas and the people who live there.

I would make an urgent appeal for this nonsense to stop immediately .People are trying very hard to make this area a better place to live in .There is no excuse for this type of behaviour.