Attacks on Madams Bank Road will lead to loss of life – Hassan

Sinn Féin Councillor Tony Hassan has said lives will be lost if attacking cars on the Madams Bank Road doesn’t stop.lg_tony_hassan_copy2

He was commenting after a number of cars were attacked with stones and large grass sods late on Friday night,

He said “I was contacted by a very upset member of the public who had his car attacked on the Madams Bank Road just after 11pm on Friday night.

He was returning home from visiting his seriously ill mother in hospital when a large object hit the  windscreen of his car  which left him very shocked .When he stopped  the car a few yards away he found a large sod of grass and clay on the bonnet of the car. When looking for other damage he seen a number of these sods and stones strewn across the roadway. The perpetrators who were behind the fence along the road made good their escape.

With these attacks it’s only a matter of time before someone loses control of a car on this road and we have fatalities .We all know the how dangerous it is driving late at night in icy conditions the last thing any driver wants to experience  is their car being attacked.

If anyone knows who is behind these attacks I would appeal for them to contact the police .Lives are being put at risk here and those responsible need to be before the courts.