Beauty of rural roads in Derry being destroyed by illegal dumping -Burke

Sinn Féin Councillor Tina Burke has said the beauty of rural roads on the boundary of Creggan is being destroyed  by constant illegal dumping.

She was speaking after being contacted about another spate of dumping in the area.

She said “I was contacted by a number of residents and people who were traveling through the area and  seen more evidence of  blatant illegal dumping which has taken place.

“This is a lovely area with great views across our city, but some people feel they can pull up in a car or van dump their rubbish and drive off and its someone else’s job to clean it up.

 “There is an obvious social, environmental, and economic cost to this reprehensible activity, that risks polluting our natural environment and waterways.

“In this context, I strongly support the potential for increased fines on those responsible for dumping illegal waste on our roads and green spaces. In the future, criminal sanctions should play a bigger role for those caught dumping and fly-tipping.