Blackout of street lights in Bogside –Cllr Colly Kelly

Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly has called on Transport NI (DRD Road service) to move quickly to restore streets lights to a number of streets in the Bogside. Several hundred homes have been left without street lights over the weekend.colly and kevin

Streets affected include Limewood Street,Tryconnell Street ,Beechwood Street,Elmwood Street and Elmwood Road

Councilllor Colly Kelly said “I understand that Transport NI (formally DRD Roads service )is under pressure to fix lights across the city but this isn’t one or two lights out, this is five streets in a heavily built up area with no street lights what so ever.

Residents are concerned that an entire area is in complete darkness , there is a fear over home security and emergency services being able to see their way around the streets.