‘Bloody Sunday was a massacre of innocents’ – McCartney

Sinn Féin MLA Raymond McCartney has slammed comments from a former British soldier, who has been arrested over Bloody Sunday, in which he described the massacre as a ‘job well done’.

The Foyle MLA who is a member of the Bloody Sunday Trust, said the comments in a BBC Radio Four programme had caused renewed hurt to the families and betrayed an ongoing attitude within the British establishment ‘which seeks to blame victims for their own murder’.

“These comments are offensive and extremely hurtful to the families of those who died on Bloody Sunday,” Raymond McCartney commented.

raymond mccartney

“They also fly in the face of the findings from the Saville Inquiry which clearly demonstrated how the victims had been murdered by the British Army. This was not a job well done. It was a massacre of innocents.

“The very fact that someone who was involved in the events of that day, and has been arrested by the PSNI team investigating Bloody Sunday, should feel justified in making these comments also goes a long way to explaining the kind of attitudes that still exist within the British military and establishment.

“They want to blame victims for their own murder rather than accept British culpability for crimes committed in Ireland. This is an attitude which has been actively promoted at the highest levels of the British Government – including by the British Prime Minister – through false claims that legacy investigations are skewed against former state forces.

“Those lies cannot go unchallenged and there can be no immunity or impunity for British soldiers guilty of murdering Irish civilians.”