Blucher Street residents appeal over anti community activity

Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly  issue saidCOLLY


“A number of years ago gates were installed at both ends of the street and this greatly reduced the problems with anti-community activity, bins being stolen and  nighttime noise with young people running up and down the laneway late on.


Residents have told me that all sorts of carry on is taking place in the laneway at night, drinking, drugs and they expressed fears over the personal safety issues for young girls. Many of the residents have been living in this  street for years and don’t need to be putting up with this .



The problem is that young people are gaining access to the laneway by just stepping up on a smaller wall and it’s very easy to get over it.I have now carried out a petition with residents to see if we can get the wall made higher  or a small fence added along it to take away the easy access.