“Boy racers” return to Lower Strand Road car park -Cooper

Sinn Féin Councillor Mickey Cooper has said a resolution is underway to try and deal with the problem of so-called “boy racers” who have returned to a car park on the Lower Strand Road.

He said “We all know the problems that have been caused by so-called “boy racers” in the Lower Strand area for a number of years and the impact that was having on residents.

“Several initiatives were undertaken and the impact on residents had greatly reduced. Sadly, in recent times the problem has returned.  

“I have spoken to the regional manager of Home Bargains in relation to the return of boy racers in the carpark there at the weekends.

“As a result they will be installing extra technology in the coming weeks to identify the culprits , which could potentially lead  to prosecutions.

“If required they will also look at the reinstatement of a barrier in due course.

“I am delighted at their quick response to the concerns of residents in Pennyburn and Lower Strand Road.