‘Bradley needs to stop stalling over abuse compensation’ – Mullan

Sinn Féin  MLA Karen Mullan has reiterated her party’s call for the British Secretary of State to immediately compensate victims of historical institutional abuse.

The Foyle  MLA was speaking after Karen Bradley said she is now prepared to consider legislation after her earlier refusal to do so prompted a furious reaction from victims and political parties.

Karen Mullan  commented: “The fact that the British Secretary of State has been forced to shift her approach is at least some progress.

“However, her claim earlier this week that the issue should be dealt with in the Stormont negotiations caused a huge deal of upset to victims and, unfortunately, the stalling tactics continue with her insistence that questions remain unanswered regarding the Hart Inquiry into Historical Institutional Abuse and the subsequent public consultation.

“That simply isn’t the case. These matters were dealt with by the Hart Inquiry and should have been addressed long before now.

“The British Secretary of State needs to stop the stalling and start putting the needs of victims and survivors before her own political priorities and immediately put in place the required legal and financial framework to assist victims and survivors.”