Brexit agreement endorsed by EU leaders is the ‘least worst option’ – Mary Lou McDonald TD

Speaking at the conclusion of the European Council Meeting this morning, Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald TD said:

“The decision by the British government to impose this unwanted Brexit against the will of the people in the North, is fundamentally wrong.

“It was undemocratic and will hamper the economy, agreements and restrict the rights of citizens.

“The agreement endorsed today between the EU27 and the British government does not resolve Brexit.

“It is the least worst option – there is no good Brexit.

“While we have an agreement on Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, and a political declaration on future relationships, it must be clear that under no scenario will there be a hardening of the border in Ireland or the abandonment of the Good Friday Agreement, which we must all work to fully implement and defend.” CRÍOCH/ENDS