Brexit concerns of business community must be listened to – McCallion

Sinn Féin MP Elisha McCallion has said the British government and DUP should listen to the serious concerns of the local business community on Brexit.

The Foyle MP said: 

“The latest figures from the quarterly economic survey from the North’s Chamber of Commerce and BDO on the impact of Brexit on businesses here make for sobering reading.

“It is clear that local businesses here are gravely concerned about Brexit with almost half reporting that their costs have risen, almost a third saying that they have scaled back their plans and one in ten have set up a presence outside the north and one in five are considering following suit.

“This confirms what we have been hearing in our engagements with local businesses who are concerned that Brexit is compounding the problems our economy is already facing.

“It also highlights the need for the north to remain in the customs union and significant single market whether through the backstop option that is on the table or through special status for the north within the EU. This would mitigate the repressive and negative economic impact of Brexit and give the North the best of both worlds with a unique selling proposition for investment which would not be enjoyed by any other European region.”