Brexit ‘nothing but negative’ for students – Mellon

Brexit will bring nothing but negative for students and young people, Sinn Féin Councillor Aileen Mellon has said.

The party’s  local  education spokesperson was commenting after universities warned that EU education programmes like Erasmus plus will no longer be funded in a no-deal Brexit.

Councillor Mellon  said: 

“Brexit will be nothing but negative for students and young people, limiting their opportunities and creating barriers where currently there are none.

“Earlier this week,Sinn Féin  met the President of NUS-USI, Olivia Potter-Hughes, and we outlined the very real concerns of the students she represents: the loss of the right to work and study in other EU states, the ability to access EU programmes including Erasmus Plus and student fee costs.

“Thousands of young people have benefited from opportunities through Erasmus and Erasmus Plus since its introduction.

“Sinn Féin has consistently highlighted that access to this and other EU programmes must continue. We will continue to campaign for this regardless of the Brexit outcome.

“We would encourage all young people and students to ensure their voices are heard as the Brexit process reaches a critical phase.”