Brexit puts future of tourism industry at risk – Anderson

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson has said Brexit puts the future of the tourism industry in the north at risk.

martina anderson
martina anderson

Speaking after meeting with members of Tourism NI to discuss the impact of Brexit, Martina Anderson said:

“I met with representatives of the tourism industry to discuss the impact of Brexit on the sector and it is clear there is widespread concern about the future.

“Tourists from around the world view Ireland as a single entity and the imposition of an EU border on the island of Ireland would have a huge impact on our ability to attract tourists to the north.

“The main growth markets for visitors to Ireland are the south, the EU and the US and Brexit could put that at risk if it is more difficult to travel throughout the island.

“There is also a concern that one of our key tourist attractions, our natural environment, could be at risk as a result of changes in environmental protection legislation.

“Any changes to freedom of movement of people could also have a far-reaching consequences for the hospitality sector.

“Tourism is yet another area where the Tory Brexit agenda will have a hugely negative impact on our economy and is being ignored by the British government.

“Tourism Ireland is an implementation body established under the Good Friday Agreement. The British government has failed to safeguard or address its continued status and operation post-Brexit.

“We need to secure designated special status for the north within the EU and we need to see the Irish government making that a demand in the negotiations.” Ends/Críoch