Brexiteers need to explain support for damage to economy – McCallion

Sinn Féin MP Elisha McCallion has said those who support Brexit need to explain why they are content to allow the economy of the north to suffer.

The Foyle  MP commented:

“The latest report from the Ulster Bank shows that the impact of the disastrous Brexit policy of the Tory government and their allies is already being felt in the north. 

“Business activity in the private sector has dropped for the fifth consecutive month and manufacturing firms reported the fastest drop in output, orders and jobs. 

“This is clearly as a result of Brexit and it is obvious the north is already being hardest hit. That will only get worse as we are dragged towards a no-deal crash Brexit. 

“Those in the DUP who support the Tory Brexit agenda need to explain to the business and manufacturing sectors here in the north why they are are content to let the north’s economy suffer and put jobs at risk.”