Brian Lacey author and historian to speak at Derry book launch

A new book will be launched in the Derry on Wednesday night in  Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin Great James Street  at 7.00pm to commemorate the 100 Anniversary of the Easter Rising of 1916 and chart the Republican history in Derry up until the present day .The book also contains stories and reflections of people from the city.12970998_1086782864699001_8584702884581330348_o

The guest speaker on  the  night will be  author and well known Republican Danny Morrison

Brian Lacey author and historian will also speak on the night.  He has been the chief contributor to the book .

Speaking ahead of Wednesday night’s launch Brian Lacey  said

This book does not claim to be a comprehensive history of the events it describes. Very little has been written about the 1916 period in Derry and the consequences of those events. This account, therefore, should be seen as a tentative beginning and as an impetus to further research. It is by no means the final word.

Until recently the narrative of what happened among republicans in Derry in 1916 (and later associated events) was dominated by the account of Liam Brady. While his own statement given to the Bureau in 1952 (WS0676) was itself inaccessible like all the others, Liam Brady’s account – effectively, word for word – was published in a series of articles in the Derry Journal in 1953. In the absence of anything else, those articles came to be considered as the ‘received wisdom’ on the subject.”11930742_816912461749708_4069858574056293539_o