Bridgend rally to highlight the implications of Brexit

Sinn Féin’s Elisha McCallion said dsc_4127

Its very important that rallies such as today’s take place to highlight the implications that Brexit will have on places like Derry , Strabane and Donegal.

There is a growing sense of anger out there  in our communities as people find out the implications it will have on their daily lives.

In the years since the Good Friday Agreement, the border has become all but invisible.

Brexit seriously threatens that important progress and risks inflicting significant hardship on border communities like Derry, Donegal and the wider economy and society.

The very last thing we need to see is the re-emergence of border controls, customs posts and all the paraphernalia of Partition which had been banished with the peace process.

There is a real and deepening concern now, right across the border region, as to how Brexit will impact on businesses, tourism and on people who cross the border on a daily basis for work and education.