British cabinet clueless over Brexit – Anderson

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson had said it is clear the British government is more divided than ever over Brexit.

martina anderson
Martina Anderson said:

“As we approach two years on from the EU referendum and with less than a year to go until Brexit it is clear that the Tory party is more divided than ever on Brexit and that the divisions are deepening.

“After successive defeats in the British House of Lords, the departure of several ministers, and now reports of fresh splits in Theresa May’s cabinet, the only certainty is that the British government still don’t have a clue what they are doing.

“With no clear position on the customs union, Theresa May has effectively told her ministers to go away and come up with more proposals.

“The British government are only now starting to play catch up to everyone else in this process.

“There is a proposal already on the table in the backstop option which her government has already agreed with the EU which would ensure the north remains in the customs union and significant elements of the single market, avoiding the need for an EU border on the island of Ireland.

“British ministers need look no further than that proposal and if they want to bring forward fresh proposals they should work with the EU to ensure the rights of Irish, and therefore EU citizens in the north are protected post Brexit.” Ends/Críoch