‘British ferry contract calamity is latest in Brexit pantomime’ – McCallion

Sinn Féin MP Elisha McCallion  has said the British government’s chaotic and reckless Brexit agenda must not be allowed to undermine the backstop. 

The Foyle MP was commenting after the British government awarded a ferry contract to a company with no ships in preparations for a possible no-deal Brexit.

Elisha McCallion  said:

“To date, the British government’s approach to Brexit has been filled with uncertainty.

“Confirmation that a £13.9m ferry contract has been awarded to a company with no ships is only the latest calamity in the Brexit pantomime.

“The company has never previously operated a ferry service – in effect the British Government have given a contract to a company that has never moved a single lorry in its lifetime.

“This chaotic, disjointed approach has been typical of the British government’s approach to Brexit ever since the referendum result in June 2016.

“Citizens in the north overwhelming rejected Brexit and Ireland should not be collateral damage in this reckless agenda.

“A no-deal Brexit would drive our economy over a cliff-edge leaving many businesses unable to trade, job losses, possible recession, no access to the EU single market and a physical hard border being put in place in Ireland.

“Sinn Féin will continue to work with the Dublin government and the EU27 on the absolute need to protect the backstop as Ireland’s only insurance policy.”