British government cannot be allowed to renege on commitments – Anderson

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson has said the British government cannot be allowed to renege on the commitments given in its political agreement with the EU on Brexit and that the Irish government must act to defend what had been agreed.

Martina Anderson said:

elisha mccallion martina anderson raymond mccartney

“In December the British government reached a political agreement with the EU when the joint communique on Brexit was produced.

“Since then the Tories have been attempting to roll back on what was contained in that communique and the latest announcement that try intend to leave both the single market and customs union is further evidence of that.

“Efforts are currently underway to turn what was contained in the communique into a legally binding text and these efforts must be intensified.

“The EU should resist any attempts by the British government to backtrack, particularly in its commitments on the border and future alignment post Brexit.

“The Irish government too needs to act on remarks by the Taoiseach that the communique represented a ‘cast iron’, ‘rock solid’ and ‘politically bullet-proof’ guarantee on the border. It now needs to act to give effect to that in order to protect the rights of all Irish citizens.

“Being dragged out of the customs union and single market by the Tories would be a disaster for the north of Ireland.

“Securing special status for the north within the EU is the best way to guard against that.” Ends/Críoch