British Government Must Release Finances to Support Syrian School Children

Sinn Féin Education spokesperson Karen Mullan has demanded that the British Government immediately release finance to local schools to support Syrian School Children following reports that local schools have yet to access much needed finances.

The Foyle MLA said:dcws6dwxgaeofpt

“The Syrian Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme (SVPRS) was established by the British Government to support refugees.

“As part of the scheme, £4,500 was to be provided towards each Syrian child’s education costs for one year.

“There are reports that this funding has yet to be released to local schools.

“We are too aware that local schools are suffering under Tory/DUP austerity.

“The British Government must immediately release this finance to local schools.

“Only recently we have seen reports of Syrian pupils excelling in GCSEs. These children and their teachers are to be commended on achieving excellence.

“It is only right that schools should have access to the funding which was promised to ensure that they provide these children who have endured so much hardship and upheaval thrive within our local education system.” ENDS/CRÍOCH