British PM slammed for ‘peddling Legacy fallacy’ – McCartney

The British Prime Minister should stop ‘peddling the fallacy’ that the Legacy process is skewed against British state forces, Sinn Féin Justice Spokesperson Raymond McCartney  has said.

Responding to comments made by Theresa May in Westminster today, Sinn Féin Foyle MLA Raymond McCartney commented:

“Once again, the British Prime Minister has caused great hurt and upset to the families of victims of state violence by regurgitating the myth that the Legacy process is skewed against British forces.

“That assertion is simply untrue as has been evidenced by the facts published by the Director of the Public Prosecution Service and the PSNI.

“The British Prime Minister should not be peddling this fallacy. It is a narrative inspired by her partners in the DUP and a lobby of former British combatants who do not want Britain’s crimes in Ireland to be investigated.

“During the conflict British soldiers killed Irish citizens with impunity and they now want immunity as well.

“Rather than making spurious claims from the green benches of Westminster, Theresa May would be better served speaking to families here who were directly affected by state killings and tell them why she believes state forces are above the law.”