British statement ‘another failure’ – O’Neill

Today’s statement by the British Secretary of State Karen Bradley represents another failure by her government to uphold its responsibilities to citizens and to implement past agreements, Sinn Féin Vice President Michelle O’Neill has said.

“In today’s statement, the British Secretary of State outlined her government’s belief that last week’s draft agreement provided the basis for a return to the power sharing institutions.

“However, she singularly failed to progress those issues which the British Government is directly responsible for.

“They must release the legacy inquest funding immediately and issue the consultation on the legacy mechanisms.

“The fact that the DUP failed to close on last week’s draft agreement and chose to collapse the process does not abdicate the British Government from their responsibilities.

“That is something I will be making abundantly clear to the British Prime Minister when I meet her in London tomorrow.

“The Good Friday Agreement provides for a British Irish Intergovernmental Conference to reflect the co-equal and co-guarantor status of the two governments.

“The two governments must initiate this conference as a matter of urgency and move to implement previous agreements.

“These include an Irish Language Act, the release of funds for legacy inquests and progress the legacy mechanisms, as well as safeguarding the rights of citizens including the right to marriage e