Call for safety assessment as tree falls on one of Derry’s busiest roads

“I was contacted on Wednesday night by a number of residents concerned that a large tree had come down on the road between the Hatfield shopping complex and Cashlemore Park.IMG_7306[1]

I went to the scene straight away .This was a very dangerous situation as its one of the busiest roads in the city on what was a dark and very wet night.

It is difficult to anticipate all the consequences of the extreme weather conditions we have been exposed to over the past few months and we should be thankful that no-one was seriously hurt as a result of the fallen tree.

Thanks must go to the  Roads Service for their quick response and a number of local residents who helped direct traffic whilst efforts were made to get the tree off the road.

I will be following this up with Roads Service to make sure that  an urgent inspection of other trees along this section of road  is carried out and take whatever action is needed to make them safe.