Calls for School Crossing Patrol Officer at busy Creggan junction –Campbell

Sinn Féin Councillor Kevin Campbell has called on the Education Authority in the Western Board area to look at the feasibility of introducing a School Crossing Patrol Officer at one of the busiest junctions in Creggan servicing three local schoolskevin

Councillor Campbell said

I contacted the Education Authority in regards to a number of complaints I have received from residents and parents this week about the lack of a School Crossing Patrol Officer at the junction of Iniscarn Road and Eastway Road at the roundabout in the Creggan Estate.

This is a very dangerous junction and the school children are at the discretion and good will of the drivers to allow them to cross the road.

This junction serves three schools St John’s Primary, St Cecilia’s College and Bligh’s Lane nursery school which are attended by hundreds of pupils. I asked the Education Authority to look at allocating a School Crossing Patrol Officer there at peak times of the day.

Historically there was always a School Crossing Patrol Officer at this junction but over the last number of years there hasn’t been one there leaving this area very dangerous for school children.

I pressed the Education Authority the urgency of this and hopefully there will be positive outcome on this issue.