Campbell condemns attempt to block Arnaldo Otegi from elections

Sinn Féin Councillor Kevin Campbell has condemned attempts by Spanish courts to prevent Basque political leader Arnaldo Otegi from standing in upcoming elections.

Cllr Kevin Campbell  said; kevin

“Arnaldo Otegi is an internationally respected leader of the Basque people and has been instrumental in developing the Basque peace strategy and process.

“Attempts to obstruct and prevent the Basque people from having the opportunity to elect Arnaldo in the Basque Autonomous Parliament Election on September 25 are undemocratic and unjust.

“In order to promote and build on the courageous steps taken by the Basque independence movement, and in particular by Arnaldo Otegi, this decision must be condemned by the International community and should be immediately overturned.

“Spanish Government policies of censorship, marginalisation and isolation are wrong. They are counter productive and will not work

“Instead of trying to deny Arnaldo Otegi the right to seek a mandate from the Basque people the Spanish Government needs should instead promote and support a process of dialogue to achieve a just and lasting peace in the Basque Country.