Campbell urges participation in Council initiative to get feedback from the Irish language community

Sinn Féin Irish Language spokesperson Councillor Kevin Campbell has urged people to take part in a Derry City and Strabane District Council initiative to get feedback from the Irish language community in relation to its Irish language services.

He said “It vital that as many people as possible  from the Irish language community take part in this initiative and make their views known.

“We have seen in recent times the appointment of a second Irish Language officer in the Council. They are responsible for accessing Irish services for the council and providing support for  the Irish language community throughout the council district and to promote the Irish language.

“It shows that despite the blockages from those looking to hold back the natural progression of the Irish language in the north it continues to go from strength to strength. The Líofa scheme which some people said would never get off the ground has reached its target of 20,000 people learning the language three years early.

“This shows that there is a demand to learn Irish and that people from all backgrounds are taking up the opportunity to do so.

“The Irish language belongs to us all and it is time that an Irish Language Act was introduced so that Irish speakers and learners are afforded the same rights as citizens across these islands.


The survey can be accessed at the following link and must be completed by Monday 21st December 2018:

If further information is required, you can contact Erin Hamilton, Irish Language Officer by email on: T: 028 71 376 579.