Campbell urges support for Acht Gaeilge protest

Sinn Féin Councillor and spokesperson on the Irish Language,Kevin Campbell has called on Irish-language and equality activists to back the Acht Gaeilge protest at 12.45pm in Stormont tomorrow (Thursday 28 September).kevin-campbell

Kevin Campbell said:

“An Dream Dearg has organised a protest at Stormont tomorrow in support of an Irish language act.

“There is a clear and growing demand for an Irish language act from across public sectors and political parties.

“No one has anything to fear from the Irish language or an Irish language act.

“The Irish language is an integral part of the lives of a growing number of people who use it daily and their rights should be protected.

“There are language protections in place in England, Scotland, Wales and for all south of the border, they need to be extended to the North.

“The denial of basic rights on language, marriage and access to a coroner’s court is not acceptable anywhere else on these islands and their denial here should not be acceptable. Prejudice and discriminations should never be tolerated.

“This is a clear issue of rights and Sinn Féin is standing up for the respect, integrity and equality for all.

“The denial of equal rights belongs to our divided past; an Irish Language Act will be part of our shared future.”