Campbell welcomes UUSU Irish language signage policy

Sinn Féin Language spokesperson Councillor Kevin Campbell  has welcomed approval of a new bilingual signage police which includes Irish language at Ulster University Students’ Union. 

Kevin Campbell  said:

“I want to commend Ulster University Students’ Union Council on adopting a new bilingual signage policy.

“This is a positive step forward and reflective of the growing interest in and demand from Irish speakers to carry out their daily routines through the Irish language.

“It’s important that we continue to promote and increase the visibility of the Irish language; linguistic diversity, representing and reflecting languages, not least indigenous languages, are positive economic and social drivers.

“Irish speaking students are entitled to the same language rights as enjoyed by citizens who live their daily lives through the medium of English and should benefit from the universal advantages that will no doubt flow from this progressive move by the Students’ Union Council.

“Sinn Féin will continue to support the campaign for Acht Na Gaeilge which includes rights and legal protections for Irish speakers in the north, just as exists elsewhere on these islands.”