Campbell’s repugnant attitude to Irish language must be rejected – Ó hEára

Sinn Féin spokesperson and Irish Language enthusiast Gearóid Ó hEára has called on Unionist political leaders, particularly Peter Robinson to unequivocally disassociate their parties from the repugnant attitude towards the Irish language displayed by Gregory Campbell.DSC_8334

Gearóid Ó hEára said:

“Gregory Campbell’s personal attitude to all things Irish and particularly to our native language is well known. But when delivering his latest diatribe he claimed to be speaking on behalf of the DUP party.

“It is therefore incumbent on DUP leader Peter Robinson to clarify if Mr Campbell was indeed speaking with the authourity of and on behalf of the Party.

“If Mr Campbell had made such disparaging comments about any other language or section of society he would be rightly investigated for incitement to hatred.

“The silence of other political leaders on this issue would seem to infer an ambivalent attitude to the denigration of Irishness on their behalf. It’s time that they too confronted this type of sectarianism. CRÍOCH/END