Can’t blame outsiders for illegal dumping –Cooper

Commenting on an upsurge of illegal dumping in laneways in the Rosemount which recently got gates Sinn Féin Councillor Mickey Cooper said Mickey Cooper

For a number of months now i have been trying to help alleviate many problems affecting residents in Rosemount due to illegal dumping and noise in the laneways.

I have been working with the council to ensure that all gates with missing locks get replacements as speedily as possible. And got a bulky lift organised for the removal of large amounts of household goods and rubbish.

Sadly there seems to be very small element who have  no regard for the area and whilst a free bulky lift is available they simple just dump stuff in the back lanes as if it is someone’s else’s fault. There is no excuse for this at all.

We have met properly agents to inform them that if rubbish is found from one of their properties the fines will fall on them not the tenant.

I am once again making an appeal for a bit of common sense around this issue.