Councillor Tina Burke

Christina Burke is 30 years of age and currently working as a Community Development Worker for the Triax Neighbourhood Management Team, based up in the Corn Beef Tin Centre. She have been involved with Sinn Fein since 2013 and was honoured to have been elected to serve the people of the Moor Ward in 2019 local council elections.

She has a great love for Creggan as a place to live and is so proud of the development of the area over the past few years. Working in the Community for the past number of years has allowed me to be part of the positive change in Creggan, she is looking forward to working hard and continuing that improvement.

Growing up in the area she has  first-hand experience of the needs of the residents and will strive to ensure these needs are met and people are afforded the same opportunities as other areas of the city.