Car criminals Christmas day spree slammed

Sinn Féin Councillor Kevin Campbell has condemned those responsible for the torching of a car in Creggan on Christmas night3895995549

It follows reports of joy/ death riders racing around Creggan and the Bogside for several hours.

 Councillor Campbell said

I and another community activist   called around to Mulroy Gardens to talk to some of the residents and assess the damage.

The residents also informed us that car criminals had been joy/death riding around  Creggan and the Bogside all night.

One constituent who contacted me said a car had been doing a circuit of Free Derry Wall in under the Flyover, racing up and down Westland Street and driving straight through all the pedestrian crossings with total disregard for pedestrians and other motorists. They said it was miracle no one was killed.

He went on to say

This car was torched outside a row of pensioner’s bungalows leaving the pensioners terrified.

The car then rolled and could have set fire to a residents car who lives across the street.

This is absolutely disgraceful ,these criminals have no regard for our community and need to be taken before the courts .They are a danger to everyone living in this area.