Carers need Personal Protective Equipment to protect against Coronavirus – Anderson

Sinn Féin Foyle MLA Martina Anderson has called for all Carers attending to their duties in the community and in care homes to be provided Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

She made her concerns following concerns raised from workers.

She said 

“I have been contacted today by a large number of Carers who are deeply concerned about the availability of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) when attending to their duties in the community and in care homes.

“Carers protect and care for older people and the most vulnerable people in our society. There are many families throughout Derry and across the island who simply could not cope if it was not for the assistance given by care workers.

“Carers are a front line service too and we need to ensure that they are adequately protected in order to fully undertake their important role.

 “The bottom line is that without adequate PPE we could potentially see the  deaths of more older people and of workers.

“I am calling on all private care homes and public health and social care workers to be provided with suitable PPE so they can continue to provide a vital service and protect the older members of our community  and vulnerable.”