Cars vandalised in Bogside –Kelly

Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly commenting on the news that a number of cars have been vandalised in the Lone Moor Road area of the Bogside over the last two weekends

Councillor Colly Kelly saidCouncillor Colly Kelly

“There were a number of vandalism attacks on cars in the Lone Moor Road area and several of the side streets over the last two weekends.

It has involved wing mirrors being kicked off and damage to paint work .Replacing a wing mirror on a car now a days can cost over a £100 never mind the cost of repairing damaged paint work.

It’s absolutely ridiculous that this is happen .In the current economic climate it is very hard to afford to keep a car on the road at the best of times and no one needs this extra expense and upset.

I would appeal to anyone who has any information on those responsible to bring it forward.