CCTV helps reduce dog fouling incident in Rosemount

Sinn Féin  councillor Mickey Cooper has welcomed confirmation from DCSDC Environmental Health and Dog Control staff that the number of reported incidents of dog fouling in the Rosemount area has significantly decreased since CCTV and signage was installed at his request in various hotspot areas of Rosemount to address the issue. 

He said that the figures were extremely encouraging and that he would continue to work with council and residents to ensure that the schemes success would continue:

“I am delighted that the number of reported dog fouling incidents in Rosemount have decreased as a result of the cameras and signage being installed. This is further borne out by the increased volumes of dog foul being collected by council staff from the dog bin boxes in the Rosemount area.

Of course the issue of fouling has not disappeared from the area but the fact that the cameras are mobile means we can continue to tweak the scheme to move the devices into streets where the issues are continuing. In that regard it is vital that residents continue to report any issues to either council or myself so we can ensure that resources are targeted in the right streets”